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Where have all the Recyclers gone?

More than 450 recycling centers closed in the last year, stripping consumers of easy access to recycling and limiting their ability to collect the deposits they made when purchasing bottles and cans.

More closures may follow, as the state’s subsidy payment program, meant to help centers survive market fluctuations, has failed to keep up with rapid decreases in the value of plastic, glass and aluminum.

Grocery stores and other places that sell recyclable materials like beverage containers, meanwhile, rely on those recycling centers. State law mandates that sellers either have on-site recycling facilities or sit within a half mile of one. If not, they are on the hook to either accept reusable items themselves or pay a $100-a-day fine. An alarmed grocery industry has pleaded with Sacramento for assistance as the wave of closures has unfolded. The choice is to either take it at a checkout line, which they fear health inspectors saying no to that (or) the alternative is paying $36,500 each year in fines.

Where can you recycle if the closures continue?  We can help!

EnviroGreen is an Electronic Recycling Center in Grantville, which does NOT accept bottles and cans. With that said, we are committed to servicing our neighbors. Searching local Recyclers, we found Jamie Prince Recycling Services that has been in business for over 20 years and has 3 locations.  The closest to Grantville is located at Windmill farms.  The second is at 5303 University Ave, and the 3rd 3770 Voltaire st.

 If you need more locations, log onto the state’s website:

Electronic Recyclers have also closed their doors due to the volatile market in commodities. EnviroGreen takes pride in our difference. We strive to Refurbish and Reuse over 50% of what we accept.  So far EnviroGreen has exceeded that goal, and now we Repurpose over 65%!

EnviroGreen is committed to responsibly recycling and following a downstream that is compliant with current laws and regulations NEVER going to a landfill, or Third world countries.  

California is only one of 3 states that have a recycling buy-back program for any type of Screen, whether it's flat, CRT, plasma etc. To comply with all regulations, whenever ANY type of screen is accepted by EnviroGreen, a name, address and phone number is required, so proof of ownership is documented for the State. 

For the past 6 years EnviroGreen Electronic Recycling has been committed to "Creating a Greener Tomorrow from Yesterday's World".  We hope this helps the community solve the problem of where you can recycle.