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We are licensed by the California Department of Toxic Services

Our Environmentally sound solutions for the secure, effective management and removal of any organization's end-of-life electronic assets are certified to meet or exceed your business requirements.  EnviroGreen Recycling Services provides the highest standard of service to all agencies and corporate entities wishing to responsibly dispose of their end-of life or obsolete devices, while simultaneously maintaining the highest level of data security through our unique data destruction services.

It's easier than you think to Recycle!

We have regular routes for scheduled pickup's.  We take pride in our transparency of recycling, we encourage you to visit our facility at any time to view our process.   So many electronics can be reused or refurbished.  Electronic discards are one of the fastest growing segments of our nations' waste stream.  For the year of 2017, we have refurbished and reused over 70% of what we receive!!