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Computer for Causes....Making technology available to Everyone.

Will make available to ANY qualified recipient a Computer (or laptop) monitor, keyboard and mouse for only $75.00.

Call our office and ask for the "Computer for Cause program"​​

​   Only sixty-six percent (66 %) of US households earning less than $50,000 per year have a computer in the home. 

   Low-income families are ill-equipped to keep pace with the astonishing rate of technological advances.  
   We enable families by giving them the technological tools needed to meet their goals. 

   We are happy to help Veterans in need with the technology required to keep up in this rapidly changing digital age.

   We feel it is the least we can do to repay them for their service.  

  • ​Students
  • Veterans
  • ​Families 
  • ​​Working professional going back to school to further your career? 

Don't need a computer?  

Does your company recycle their electronics? 

We have the most comprehensive Recycling list in Southern California!