We sell Refurbished Computers and Laptops!

Our computers start at $75.00!  

Give us a call for our current inventory.  

We can build a computer to your specs!  

Put a wish list together, and call our IT department

for a custom built request!

We are  a Microsoft Certified Refurbisher!  see below for more info! 


If it has a plug (or batteries) we can recycle it!


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DROP OFF'S ARE ACCEPTED Monday - Friday 7:30 - 4:30   Saturday's  10am-2pm

Please refer to our Recycling List for details and pricing

 Business or Residential Pickups  

For larger pickup's call us for pricing


   Secure Hard Drive Destruction  3 options to choose from:
​​   $0 cost                                 Hard Drives destroyed at no charge
   $5.00  (total Cost)               Hard Drives destroyed a Certificate of destruction is provided   
   $10.00 (per hard drive)      Hard Drives destroyed with a Certificate of destruction detailing                                                                                        make, model and Serial number of each Hard Drive

We are MORE than just a Recycler!  We believe in the philosophy of

Reduce, Reuse, Refurbish, Upcycle, and finally Recycle

​   Computer Repair/Upgrade  
   Repairs/upgrades will include:
   * Diagnostic (pinpointing the cause of the problem)
   * Cleaning
   * Any necessary upgrades (RAM or Hard Drive)
   * Clearing of data and software to increase a slow computer
   * Update Windows/downgrade to Windows 7
   * Additional labor:  If the repair/upgrade exceeds 2 hours, you will be notified of any additional costs.